by Doom Tiger

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released September 23, 2015



all rights reserved


Doom Tiger Cedar Falls, Iowa

I do a lot of writing and recording. Here are the end results.

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Track Name: The Mystery (What's Mine Is Ores) {Exos II}
Silence all around
Empty as the void
Lost will be found
On this small asteroid

Phosphorous steel
A mystery
Can't help but feel
You're making history
Track Name: Hush, Little Explosion {Thermos I}
Look out
Floating away
No hope
No control
Lost soul

You'll never see
Your loved ones again
Comfort your weeping daughter
Console your grieving husband

Look out

Look out, for the impact
Look out, for the tragedy
You'll never see
Your loved ones again
Down to the ground
Down to the sea
Down to everything you never wanted to be
Track Name: Escalate Your Fears {Thermos II}
Down to the ground
Down to the sea
Track Name: Duality of Feeling {Mesos I}
So cold
All I am feeling, and yet I'm
burning up in the atmosphere
Noctilucent combustion

So cold
All these clouds freezing

But down, on the ground a similar environment awaits
Not that it matters anyway
Track Name: In the Throes of Frigid Loneliness {Mesos II}
Insufficiently protected
Shivering predisposition

Empty domain
Cannot see anything
See anything at all

Wondering up all alone in the sky
What does it feel like to fly?
What does it feel like to die?
Track Name: Tranquil Quietude {Stratos I}
Close your eyes
And breathe

Drifting listlessly
All you do, is
Endlessly float in the sky
Endlessly float in the sky

Clothed in white, yet
Naked inside
Tear in your eye

Breathe amidst the clouds up above
Track Name: Breathe Amidst the Clouds Above {Stratos II}
Breathe in, breathe out
Remove all doubt
Track Name: Destroy, Devour, Repeat {Tropos I}
isn't this what you wanted
to see the burnt and scarred earth
crumble away
the decay of life and all hope
all hope is lost
the devourer consumes all in his path
the devourer consumes all in his way
isn't this what you wanted
See the burnt earth
The devourer is on the prowl
Seeking whom to feast upon, he howls
Take care, beware he is ever on the hunt, looking for blood to drink it up
Roaming the earth, he demolishes

The Devourer
Devastating all
The Demolisher
Destroy all we have
Track Name: Inevitable Surrender {Tropos II}
As you fall into the sea
You think to yourself woe is me
This is no place for apathy and
Yet surrender to the deep is all that I see now

No safety net, no landing strip
No stone to even mark your crypt
With tightened grip, prayer on your lips
It is a humbling experience that you are in

Fall down
Ohh death is not the end for you for you
Track Name: Ichorous Descent {Tropos III}

Air rushing past, as your
Whispered prayers are cast to the wind
Is this how it ends? Did it even really begin?
There's no time to think now as you fall into a maelstrom

Further down into the maelstrom