The Grasp

by Doom Tiger

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Prequel to a prequel of a sequel


released November 13, 2016



all rights reserved


Doom Tiger Cedar Falls, Iowa

I do a lot of writing and recording. Here are the end results.

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Track Name: Yersinia Pestis
I have traveled from the land of silk
Destruction, infection in my wake
Sieges and war, I'll destroy you
Biological, indiscriminate warfare

Multi pronged attack
Blame the rats if you want
As far as the west is from the east
That's where I'll feast
There's no stopping me

I'll vomit my sickness into you
Track Name: Homo Sum Humani A Me Nihil Alienum Puto
Listen to the sound of the end
Dost mine ears deceive
Or eyes falsehoods perceive
Tongues shall be silenced
And the lives of the many shall perish
Unless you put all your faith in me

I can take away your pain
I can make you whole again
For the pittance of your wealth you'll see
That I can make you illness free

Grab thy loved ones to thine breast
Cry out final tears
For the massacred of illness and disease
And wars throughout the years

Oh, the horror
The horror
The horror of it all
Track Name: Medice, Cura Te Ipsum
Scorn for the weak
Execute the sick and unclean
Fill the streets with organized violence

Poison in the wells
Track Name: Ad Portas Mortis
This was has taken our souls
And made them black
What did our fathers do to bring us to this
The only word I know is attack

When did we get so repetitive

Oh, it's so pointless, these endless conflicts
What kind of world is this amidst the death and all the corpses

It's so pointless