by Doom Tiger

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This is technically the longest I've spent on an album. I believe I started recording roughs soon after Pelagia released, although I definitely focused on Ospheria and then The Grippe more that year. I'm super proud of this album. In the end there are only a few qualms I have with it, but I can live with those. I loved how some of the songs came together. Upper/Lower didn't even have roughs, I just recorded those straight through. I almost cut Gutenberg until I got a good drum take and rearranged some notes. Interlude/Outer wasn't even a twinkle in my eye until a couple months before release. I recorded the drums for Interlude first, then figured out the guitar parts. All I had for the first five minutes of inner was one riff until a week before I submitted the final version of the album. I spent way less time tweaking the eq's than on Ospheria, so that was a nice surprise. All in all, I'd say this was a successful venture.


released August 28, 2016



all rights reserved


Doom Tiger Cedar Falls, Iowa

I do a lot of writing and recording. Here are the end results.

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Track Name: Continental
I would love to leave this place but i don't know what to do to really escape
You would love to help but I don't want you to be encased in this rocky tomb
Someone help me

There was a time I could do anything at all
But now I'm broken inside, and I don't know what to do
I've hit a wall

One thing I have found
Keep your feet on solid ground
Stay away from the sea
It's not where mankind was meant to be
Track Name: Oceanic
Who are you? I hail from the sea
Venturing across the expanse of ocean where there be
Monsters, and dragons, and if you ask me
Something stranger still that could kill us all
If it stopped its sleep

You say you fell from the sky
Do you really expect me to believe you can fly
Show me your wings, with angelic voice sing
Give out a cry

Let us leave this vast subterranean maze

I'd say I'd breathed in the sea, but I really don't expect you to believe me

Please just help me
I've been lost since the first day of my life
Track Name: Mohorovičić
Anyway, the clock is tickin'
It's fixin' to be a good for a slaughter
Gotta stop, create a plan if you can
Find a way to stop the downfall of humanity

The devourer consumes
no one is safe down here

Further down the rabbit hole goes
And nobody knows where he lives
Gird yourself for a journey down
Into the heart of the reason mankind is all doomed to die

Further down
Through the ground
Further down
Further still
Track Name: Upper
Miraculous bearer of light
Bring back upon us the darkness of night
So we'll be blinded by our greed
We need the truth on our side
So we can combat the father of lies

So now we will rise
Under the dirt above
Absent the sun we love
Beam your rays of light upon us
I'm so tired of this

Who are we to even try to save the world
Who's to say the stars won't fall out of the sky and burn us alive
And the dirt won't rise and all of the earth
I don't want to die, no I don't want to die

Maybe, maybe we have a chance
All we can do is advance
I know that we have a chance
And now with death we will dance

Down among the worms
Watch them writhe and squirm
Kill them, fire burn
Throw them in an urn
Track Name: Lower
Look now
We have them on the run
Back to wherever they came from
Go now further from the sun
Don't stop until we've done
What we came for
What we'll never have fame for
You don't scare anyone
We won't stop until we've done what we came for
What we'll never have fame for

No one will ever know we were here
Our legend and nameless legacy will just disappear

We'll never see the loved ones we hold so dear
Track Name: Gutenberg
Morning star
Light bearer

Home is where the heart is in pain
Home is where you'll always stay the same
The devil's element
Is what we need
Philosophers stone
Causes too much greed

Maybe now we won't make the same mistake
I know that if we try we can change our fate
Track Name: Interlude
Track Name: Outer
Down in the caves
Where the light can't penetrate
Will you bury me in the core
Scattered throughout the sea

I'm sorry
For dragging you down here with me
I know somehow it's my fault
But thank you for all that you've done
You've been the greatest help of all

Now we must
Kill the beast
Dull its horns
Crush its wings
Track Name: Inner
Somebody once told me
All that glitters is not gold
Not everything ancient is old
You and me, we were born to breathe
The same air fills our lungs
of the older and the young

Finally, in front of us breathing gently
The devourer himself, the destructive spawn of hell
Serpentine, flesh scaly
Out of our nightmares, slumbering in its lair
How are we supposed to kill
Something bigger than our skill
Maybe this was a fool's errand after all

Burn with fire
Greedy desire
Wanton destruction
Wars and corpse production

Waking up
Our nemesis draws its breath
All I can see is pillars of smoke and falling coals
Mem'ry of a fallen time so long ago

Wouldn't you like it to see your family again?
I can take you to them, your life doesn't have to end
All you have to do is kill your fellow man
He doesn't deserve the life he wishes he could have

Run from its flames
Scurry from its hooves
Avert eyes from gaze
Be careful how it moves
Somebody save me
I can't do this by myself

What have you done?
You betrayer
You know he'll never keep his promise to you
I thought you were better than this
All I can do now is run from everything
The only thing I've ever done before
Now my only hope
My only dream
Summed up like this
Cavern collapse

Well it's been fun, but I'm afraid I've got to go
You've killed us all, still I want you to know
That we will rebuild it all
It's a cycle

Neverending cycle

Darkness betrays her
Devour my very soul
Poison consumes her
Your death will not make you whole
Track Name: Epilogue
Depths await
But I forsake
Night will take
But dawn will wake
Death just aches
But love won't break
All your hate
No it's not too late
No it's never too late