The Grippe

by Doom Tiger

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released November 13, 2015



all rights reserved


Doom Tiger Cedar Falls, Iowa

I do a lot of writing and recording. Here are the end results.

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Track Name: First Wave
They will find you
Infect you
Destroy you
There's no hiding
Just fighting
None guiding
See them laying
They're staying
Where they are
Hear them crying
My God they're dying
They're so very far away

Do you remember?
That long hot summer
Off to battle
Off to war
What were we even fighting for
Hard to fight alongside your brother
While fighting for survival itself

Your body at war with itself

Give it a gun and watch it turn on you
Rebellious mass of bones and blood
See all the death as your tears turn to mud
I know you think you're safe from all of this
But you are death's first kiss
You are death's first kiss

Death will find you
And make you its own
Death will hunt you down
And make you its own
Track Name: Second Wave I
I was in the prime of my life
Nothing could happen to me
Just lay your worries down
You'll be alright just you see
The other ones were weak

Maybe now
you will listen to the voice in your head
Telling you to stay far away
This world has
No place for youthful ambition
Green behind the ears, thinking that you can save the day

One day
You'll see
How wrong you are
Track Name: Second Wave II
Claustrophobic holes
Filled with the living dead
This is no way to live
So we're killing instead
Give me your sick
Your tired hungry masses
Before they become
Nothing but ashes
Nothing but ash

Dead men tell no tales but a picture's worth a thousand words
Graves mere figments of imagination
Because the diggers were ill
Mass graves dug by steam shovels
Nothing but flesh stacked on more flesh
Is this the reckoning
We've been fearing
The reckoning
Is this the reckoning
Save me from death
Track Name: Song of the Forgotten I
If I could request an audience with Death himself
I would ask him why he needs so many souls in hell
Is there a deficiency?
A quota you need to fill?
Just give me back the ones I love
So my life can have more substance than this broken and empty shell

I don't care who you bring back as long as they're okay
I'm sure they would be quite thrilled to get another day
Staving off the pain of death
Now pestilence vomit up your prey
Just give me back the ones who died
Track Name: Song of the Forgotten II
Listen to me
Enough with this morbidity
Let's dance the night away one more time
Party with me
No more exclusivity
All are welcome just remember it's on your dime

Take up your partner, spin them round and round
Let all your cares go, do you hear that sound?
It's liars and cheaters just doing what they love
It's killers and stealers but who are they really taking from?

Listen to me
So you're dying, well you're not the only one
You, should be taking care
Of those worse off than you
It's not more than you can bear
Just do all that you can do

When it's all over
We'll be okay
Before it gets colder
We'll make them pay

Ships will clutter up the brine
But when it's over we'll be fine

Come have peace
Rest with me
This war will cease
You will see
Track Name: Song of the Forgotten III
Get me out of here now
Take me somewhere safer
I know that you can, I know
Take me now, Take me now
Take me home
Take me home

Ignorance is dead
Ignorance is dead
Comfort the widow Blissfulness
For Ignorance is dead

Give me back the ones who died
Track Name: Song of the Forgotten IV: Soldier of Naples
As I lie here, knowing the end is near
I think about the calamity and how widespread the devastation
Wondering what the legacy of all this will be,
Will people speak in hushed tones about this most deadly few years? Whispered prayers that it will never happen again?
Or is there more to come? Is this merely the beginning of the end of humanity?
Will this be the forgotten little bump in the road leading to the cliff?
I'll never know either way.
I can tell the end is here
But there's just one thing I have to tell you before I say
I love you