by Doom Tiger

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Yeah, the vocals on this album could be better. I'll rerecord them someday.


released November 13, 2014



all rights reserved


Doom Tiger Cedar Falls, Iowa

I do a lot of writing and recording. Here are the end results.

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Track Name: All Roads Lead to the Ocean {Epi I}
this is the story of my life
I just keep running away from all of my problems
but now I see all was folly
It doesn't matter at all, here is the tale of my fall from nothing to glory and back

I must make a name for myself, my legacy
Track Name: Wynter at Our Backs {Epi II}
fall into the open ocean
I regret
Everything that led me to this
I could have avoided all this
running away, there'll be hell to pay
don't tell me I'll not amount to anything, I'll prove you wrong
so I'll take a ship, to the land of promises
how can I get away?
down I go, knocked over the rail
Face turning ever more pale
so the sea swallows up me, as I sink ever deeper I find that I am able to breathe
breathe amidst the beasts below
Track Name: Malevolent Ghosts {Epi III}
You will never find me here
Down below With all you fear
You will never find me here
Never find me here
Throughout all the years
Stay away from here
You will never find me

Do my eyes
Deceive me
Or is that really a merman indeed
My hands
With some alien metal
Take me to your leader (growl)
The throne room I see the
King under the sea
Put on trial
No chance to defend
Criminal vile
To prison send
My fault for stormy seas

My fault for stormy seas
Step this way if you please
Thrown in prison locked in with key
Track Name: Aqueous Prison {Meso I}
I thought there was justice in the World
How was I supposed to know
This world is ruled by tyranists
and no one comes to my assist

I know I could've ruled the world

long live the king
Track Name: Chalice of Tears {Meso II}
What has happened to me
Sitting in this prison
My thoughts to myself
Thinking of my old family
Just want to see their faces again
And not iron bars

Then an appearing light
A mermaid walks through the door
I've come to rescue
I could not just sit by
Your punishment does not fit the crime
And so she opened
The locked
Cell door
Track Name: Truant Pursuit {Meso III}
Open the door I must get out of here
I'll be indebted to you all my years

So we swam
For our lives
Pursued by dozens
Taking shortcuts and back alleyways
Finally losing
Our pursuers
Leaving the city behind
I turn and say

Thank you for your rescue, I am in debt
Anything to help an enemy of the king
What is your name? What should I call you?
I go, by the, name of Leria
So what shall we do? Where do we go to now?
To my father's house he will hide you
What then, what then? Will I live as a fugitive?
Maybe, but we'll see, there might be another way
To the home of the traitor
Leader of the rebellion
Gather the enemies of the all controlling
Tyrannical dictator ruling under the sea
How can we try to survive
How can we do more and thrive
How can we try to survive
Track Name: War of Irenicism {Bathy I}
War of irenicism
War on your household to bring us peace
If there's no way to resolve this it means war
Track Name: Absence {Bathy II}
As we swim down in the pitch black abyss
Our eyes adjust and I see just how empty it is
Maybe this is what you were really afraid of
Sticking to the landlocked regions above
Breathe and know you're alive
Dont know if I'll survive
All we are is who we want to be
I don't want to be alone
Alone at last
Is this , really, what you want
Track Name: Armscaller {Abysso I}
Open up your eyes to this
Evil kingdom of lies
This false city will crumble
On its sandy shaking and shifting foundation

One day
You will see
This nation
Turn around
And arise
Track Name: Regretful Machinations {Abysso II}
When you find peace in this life
You will see the error of your ways
I pray it's not too late
Destroy the machine of tyrannist hate
Track Name: Chaos and War {Hado I}
Years ago
When I first arrived
I didn't understand
What was going on
Now I do
Ages and ages
of dictators ruling
We need someone
More kind and fair
I would rule with justice and kindness
Dethrone the current monarchy

Let us go
To the battlefield
Just one more fight
To end all this chaos and war

All I want
Is justice for the wronged
Follow me, to the end of this tyranny

Go to the battlefield
Go there and do not yield
Track Name: Trenches {Hado II}
As the armies fought
Upon the ocean floor
Neither side giving in
I saw before me
Such evil hatred
Despicable ignorance
Maybe we'll see
Who's the better king now
King of all and sundry
I hope you know now
Just what your reign has caused
Maybe I'll be someone better
I saw the king of
The sea and moved to attack
He and I
Clashed together
As we fought I said my peace
"How can you
Rule the sea
With an iron fist and no mercy"
Sword on sword clanged as the others fought around us
I could finally see who was winning the fight
Numbers were on their side but not the will to win
Seeing truth the dictator threw his sword on the ground
"I can see I have lost"
Our side rejoiced as we took our prisoners
Then the whole realm was at peace
Soon after that I was crowned ruler supreme
But the story's not
Over in the least
After my coronation
I got trapped while I was
Exploring a trench
Rocks trapped me inside a tunnel
My mind racing to find
A way out but it's clear
There's no escape
Rocks behind me and
A tunnel ahead
Only one thing I can do
There is nothing for me to do but to go on
Track Name: No Escape {Hado III}
Walls all around me to say
Trapped here with no way out
There's no escape for you today
No escape